Artistic Statement

In my work, I’m trying to portray the world through different codes of representation and iconography. My work is like a collection of concepts and feelings that explores the problem of painting in the media age. My paintings are placed somewhere in between romantic tradition and contemporary figurative realism.

The eclectic motif of my imagery resonates with the observation of modern chaos. Painting becomes an action of reaction. I see painting as a method of improving emotional awareness by showing the everyday alienation of the senses. I think that meaning works with a contrasting approach.


I worked on three very different series called Distances, Interiors, and Metaphors that contrast against each other.


In the first series, the paintings were made using media images from dramatic world events. I tried to use a very cold smooth technique to highlight the habituation and therefore the emotional distance and duality we perceive from both fictional and real violent images.


In the second series called Interiors, I chose to step away from the choking effect of the previous series by entering into the contemplation of emptiness and banality of objects, interiors, and phenomena of the everyday life.


Through a figurative pictorial approach, I collect visual experiences to contrast with the flow of images in the modern age of simulation. The third series reached a certain compromise between the two extremes through the use of metaphoric images, using different codes of representation and cultural political references.


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Exposition Collective

Group exhibition 





Vernissage le 21 Novembre à 18h

Opening 21/11 @18h


Galerie atelier du Génie, Paris XII.


Exposition du 21 Nov. au 22 Déc. 2012

Exhibition from 21 Nov. to 22 Dec. 2012